• Purim @ ChabadJoin us at Chabad's annual Purim Party!
    Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

    Featuring a VR Experience: Enjoy a virtual trip to the Bet Hamikdash.
    Full dinner | Megillah Reading | Live Harp Performance | Crafts
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  • Pesach @ ChabadJoin us for a fun, meaningful Pesach experience! Community Seder, Holiday Prayers, food and more!
    Order Shemura Matza, Sell Your Chametz, Seder at Home kits and Full Holiday Meals!
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  • Hebrew School
  • DonateBecome a partner in our work and help us help others. Your gift allows us to share the beauty and depth of Judaism with the next generation. Donate Today
Learning & Inspiration
  • 10 Facts About the 10 CommandmentsWhile the 10 Commandments were given with the most fanfare, they are really just a sampling of the... Read More
  • Separated by the Holocaust, a Family ReunitesA lifetime after their ancestors had been separated by the Holocaust, a Jewish family in the US and... Read More
  • “Be Prepared!”We learn from the Giving of the Torah at Sinai that every spiritual or special occasion requires... Read More
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Under the direction of Rabbi Nochum Mangel and his wife Devorah Leah, Chabad of Greater Dayton, founded in 1993 offers youth programs, adult education courses, community holiday celebrations and many more community services.
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