Please join us

Simchat Torah Live @ Chabad

Monday evening, October 21, 2019

7:00 PM

There's no celebration like Simchat Torah at Chabad!

Special Kids Program and Dinner will begin at 6:30 PM
The children will enjoy their own dinner, make flags and dance with our own Torahs and flags.

  • Full Kiddush meal including chicken & vegetarian wraps, salads and kugels
  • L'chaims
  • Outdoor dancing on Far Hills Avenue


Hakafot — The Seven Circuits

1st Hakafa Dancing – The children

G‑d did not give the Torah to Israel until we offered our children as our guarantors. Our people is eternal for we renew ourselves through our children and through Torah.

7:30 PM - Kiddush & YomTov Dinner

2nd Hakafa Dancing – Tzahal

Every one who saves even one life is as if he or she has saved the entire world. The men and women of the Israel Defense Force, Tsahal, are, as a coordinated whole, dedicating their lives the protection of the six million Jews of Israel, protecting them from murderous enemies around the clock.

3rd Hakafa Dancing – American servicemen and servicewomen

The United States has served as an example of freedom for more than two hundred years, and has provided a home for what was for decades the world’s largest Jewish community. Those serving in military service for this country have our honor and respect.

4th Hakafa Dancing –New Americans

Coming from a land where Judaism had been repressed and observances outlawed, they have come to a land of religious freedom and join us in this joyous celebration of the Torah.

5th Hakafa Dancing – Young adults and teens

Young adults are just beginning life on their own, learning to be their own people in the world. That they choose to join in the joy of the Torah this night makes us all joyful.

6th Hakafa Dancing — Doctors, lawyers, and scientists

Doctors, lawyers, and scientists have all undergone long years of study and training to be able to put their particular expertise at the service of society. Rejoicing with the Torah ties together all they do with the Torah’s aims for a world at peace, free of hunger, pain and disease with the coming of Moshiach.

7th circuit — Rabbis and gabbais

Rabbis and gabbais make our prayer services work, each in their own way. Let them led us in kicking up our heels and dancing with the Torah.

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