Chabad Women's Circle presents
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Infused with Wisdom of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

A series of seven classes held monthly on Sunday Mornings
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Sunday mornings
9:45 AM - Class
@ Chabad, 2001 Far Hills Avenue, Oakwood
Coffee and cake will be served

One of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s outstanding qualities was his indefatigable optimism. He insisted on seeing the good in everything—in every event and in all phenomena. Was this optimism anchored in reality?
The Rebbe taught that there is no divide between G‑d and the material world, between goodness and each aspect of our lives. The entire universe and all that transpires are expressions of G‑d’s beautiful “garden.” The reality, then, is that below the surface of all that is lies a wellspring of goodness, holiness, and heightened potential. It is our job to dig beneath the surface and uncover that goodness. Gain insight into a different view of the world. 

Sunday, December 1 - Changing of the Garden: A World Abloom in Goodness
Sunday, January 5 - Brewed to Perfection: Your Unconditional Potential
Sunday, February 2 - At the Bottom of the Pot: When Failure Inspires Fruition
Sunday, March 1 - An Eternal Blueprint: Blending Celestial Spirit and Mundane Matters
Sunday, March 29 - The Dawning of an Era: The Essence of the Feminine Role
Sunday, April 26 - Destiny Distilled: Open Your Eyes to an Augmented Reality
Sunday, May 24 - Served Strong: Be a Leader. Create Leaders.

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Homemade cake & Coffee will be served.
Free babysitting with advance reservation

$72.00 for 7 classes including student book
or $10.00 each and $15 for student book
No one is turned away for inability to pay.

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