Chabad Women's Circle presents
Rosh Chodesh Society

Large Than Life
Weaving G‑d into the Details 

A series of seven classes held monthly on Sunday Mornings
Look Below for Class Dates and Titles

Sunday mornings
9:45 AM - Class
@ Chabad, 2001 Far Hills Avenue, Oakwood
Coffee and cake will be served


Sunday, November 4 - Hide and Peek - The Right to Privacy
Sunday, December 16 - Carried Away - The Consumed Consumer
Sunday, January 13 - The Pledge Fund - A Charitable Foundation
Sunday, February 10 - With All Due Respect - Honoring Your Parents
Sunday. March 17 - Whistle While You Work - The Balancing Fact
Sunday,  May 12 - Cause and Effect - A Soul-ar Panel on Social Activism
Sunday, June 2 - On Higher Ground - With Liberty and Justice for All

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Free babysitting with advance reservation

$99.00 for 7 classes including student book
or $15.00 each and $15 for student book
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